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treating anxiety with marijuana

Marijuana Strains and Their Different Effects Studies show treating anxiety is the most common reason for using medical marijuana. This is not surprising — most conventional treatments for anxiety and relieving stress involve chemically derived pharmaceuticals that result in unwanted and potentially debilitating side effects. Conversely, marijuana proves effective treating anxiety due to its naturally…(Read More)

Medical Marijuana

Finding Potent Medical Marijuana These days, finding potent marijuana means something different than it used to. Back in the 1970s, that average amount of THC — the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana — was 4 percent. Today, average marijuana tests at 20 percent, with potent strains testing over 30 percent! While such higher levels of…(Read More)

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Health Benefits Medical marijuana has been used to treat patients in California for two decades. The health benefits of marijuana are numerous, and many patients prefer the effectiveness of its naturally occurring cannabinoids over man-made pharmaceuticals and their uncomfortable or even dangerous side effects. Marijuana’s most highly concentrated medically effective cannabinoids…(Read More)

gavel and marijuana

Marijuana Legalization Efforts Recreational use of marijuana has effectively been illegal in California for over a century, but that may soon change. Introduced on the 2016 November ballot, Proposition 64 seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in California for the first time since a 1913 legislative error made it a misdemeanor. However, while possession of marijuana…(Read More)


Point Loma Medical Marijuana Dispensary San Diego’s best marijuana dispensary is located in Point Loma. Many patients already enjoy the convenience of home delivery service through Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative, but for those seeking a closer look at our deep selection of cannabis flowers, extracts, edibles, and ointments, an in-person visit…(Read More)