Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative (PLPCC) FAQs

Does Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative have a physical storefront?

Yes. Walk in patients are welcome at the Point Loma Medical Marijuana storefront, located at 3452 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA 92110. Street parking available outside the storefront on Hancock Street, and limited spaces may be found in a parking lot behind the dispensary, accessible via Pickett Street. Waiting areas are located within entrances from both points of access.

Does Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative have a minimum donation?

There is no donation minimum for walk in patients at the Point Loma Medical Marijuana storefront. However, first time patients who donate more than $50 in-store will be eligible for a FTP house 1/8th. First time patients who donate less than $50 will be eligible to receive a pre-roll or edible. All patients are eligible for PLPCC Daily Specials. To qualify for PLPCC’s delivery service, a $60 minimum donation is required.

Can I buy Marijuana from Point Loma Patient Consumer Cooperative?

At the current time, only California residents with a current, verified doctor’s recommendation may procure medical marijuana from PLPCC. The same is true for either storefront purchases or delivery. First time patients must provide their original doctor’s recommendation (with a raised seal and doctor’s signature), as well as a California photo ID or driver’s license to become verified. MMJ Cards will not be accepted for verification. Once verified, patients must present California ID with each return visit.

Can I use my out of state medical marijuana recommendation to shop at PLPCC?

No. California does not recognize medical marijuana recommendations from out of state doctors.

Can I bring my friend to shop at the Point Loma Medical Marijuana storefront with me?

Not inside PLPCC’s secured shop counter. Only verified patients with valid California ID will be permitted access to this shopping area. Visitors without a valid doctor’s recommendation may wait outside the shop or in a waiting area located inside one of the storefront entrances.

Does Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative sell marijuana smoking devices?

Yes. PLPCC offers a range of smoking devices for sale to verified patients, including rolling papers, pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and vape pens.

Does Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative sell marijuana edibles?

Yes. PLPCC offers an incredible inventory of edibles, marijuana-infused beverages, capsules, and other ingestible cannabis. Examples include cookies, brownies, candy, tea, coffee, snacks, and tinctures.

Does PLPCC have any special offers for first time patients?

Yes. PLPCC offers daily specials for returning and first time patients, which may include pre-rolls, flowers, and/or edibles. However, first time patients who donate more than $50 in-store will be eligible for a FTP House 1/8th. First time patients who donate less than $50 will be eligible to receive a pre-roll or edible. Check Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative’s online menu or weedmaps page for current special offers.

Marijuana Delivery FAQ

From pizza to laundry to groceries, it’s nice to have necessities delivered right to your front door. And now you can add medical marijuana to the list. PLPCC offers quick and easy delivery throughout San Diego. For more information, check out these FAQs about our medical marijuana delivery in San Diego. Then give us a call!

Does Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative deliver?

Yes. PLPCC offers medical marijuana delivery to verified patients from 7am to 9pm daily. Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of the Point Loma Medical Marijuana storefront, requiring a minimum donation of $60. Verified patients outside the 20 mile range may be eligible for delivery for a small fee.

What is your geographic range for medical marijuana delivery in San Diego?

PLPCC delivers within a 20-mile radius of our dispensary location in Point Loma. There’s no fee for deliveries within the range, but we do require a $60 minimum donation. If you’re outside our delivery range, give us a call anyway. Verified patients outside the range may be eligible for delivery for a small fee.

What are your weed delivery hours?

We offer marijuana delivery 7 days a week, from 8am-9pm. If you’re a first-time patient, the verification process will take a bit of extra time, so please call for delivery no later than 7pm. Otherwise, our marijuana dispensary in Point Loma is open from 7am to 9pm. Bonus: you’ll get to see and smell our huge selection of buds, edibles, extracts, and more if you shop in person.

How do I get verified for cannabis delivery?

PLPCC has two options for super-easy verification:

  • Email: Snap a photo of a valid California ID or driver’s license and your Original Recommendation (the 8×10 version from your doctor with the raised seal and signature) and email both, along with your phone number and current delivery address to Pointlomapcc@gmail.com. After we verify you and get you signed up, we’ll call to take your delivery order.
  • Phone: Have your Original Recommendation and California ID/driver’s license handy. Then give us a call at 619-268- 8035. and we’ll take all your info and verify over the phone. When the delivery driver arrives, they’ll take a photo of your ID/driver’s license and Original Recommendation (again, the large size with the seal and signature—the wallet size version won’t cut it for verification purposes) for our records.

Can I use an out-of-state medical marijuana recommendation at PLPCC?

Sorry, but no. It’s not that we have anything against the medical community in the rest of the USA, but for Prop. 215 purposes, California (and more importantly, the SDPD) doesn’t recognize medical marijuana recommendations from out-of-state doctors.

Will my personal and medical information get stored in a government database?

We understand your concern (truly, we do), and when you join our collective, you can rest assured that all your personal and medical information will be kept completely confidential. We store our records in a secure area and don’t submit any of it to government agencies.

Is there a minimum order requirement for delivery?

While there’s no minimum order at our dispensary in Point Loma, we do have a $60 minimum donation for weed delivery in San Diego. Also, please have the exact amount in cash for your donation. For safety reasons, our drivers don’t carry cash to make change.

Do I have to pay tax on my delivery order?

Because Point Loma is a legal operating dispensary through the city of San Diego we do require a tax on medical cannabis. Patient’s can become exempt if they get a State issued recommendation that acknowledges the patient’s necessity for medical cannabis. Ask your 420/ Marijuana Doctors for more information.

Can I tip the delivery driver?

You tip your pizza delivery guy, so of course you can tip PLPCC’s friendly, fast delivery drivers! A tip of a few bucks is a nice courtesy, or anything around the standard tip rate of 15-20%.

How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

In general, we can get your meds to you in about an hour. But if you’re calling for delivery during rush hour (4pm-7pm, or even as early as 3pm in some areas), our drivers might need a little more time. And of course, if you’re outside the standard 20-mile range, that’ll tack on a few extra minutes as well.

What if my order is short on weight?

At PLPCC, we’re vigilant about weighing multiple times for accuracy on our state-sanctioned scales, and our drivers are equipped with scales in case you want to verify before making your donation. However, once the donation has been exchanged for meds and the delivery driver has left your location, we consider the transaction closed and final. But again, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the quantity and quality of our medical cannabis products, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Have more questions? We’re happy to answer them.  Send us an email at pointlomapcc@gmail.com, or give us a call at 619-268-8035.