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Watch our 2017 Year Recap


2017 was a phenomenal year filled with multiple events, charity, and community gatherings hosted by our Ambassadors.  We thank all of you who made Golden State Greens such a great place to be…(Read More)

Cannabis- PLPCC

With the new laws and regulations coming about with the 2018 Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Sales new Tax Regulations will require a medical recommendation to exempt medicinal users from City Tax and a State MMIC Card for State Sales Tax.  To begin the process of getting a verified recommendation click here. “Add your name to…(Read More)

San Diego Union Tribune


Take a read of the latest cannabis article featuring “Golden State Greens” in the San Diego Union Tribune. Click Below……(Read More)

X-Mas Specials


Happy Holidays! Free 1/8th w/$115+ Spent Select $100 ozs Spend $30 toward Papa & Barkley Tincture, Receive a Relief Patch Free Buy W Vape Pod Kit and a 1g Pod, Receive 300mg Cart Free Og18, White Walker, Skywalker, & SFV Og $60/Qtr or $115/Half $10 Off Rosin Brothers .5G Wax…(Read More)

The New Medical Marijuana Delivery App from PLPCC in San Diego

New Medical Marijuana Delivery App from PLPCC When it comes to using technology to improve medical marijuana delivery in San Diego, Point Loma Patients Consumer Cooperative wants to lead the way. With that in mind, we’ve released a medical marijuana delivery app to create a new, convenient way to connect with our dispensary. With…(Read More)

10 Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

Cannabis essential oil has been shown to be very effective in treating a wide variety of medical issues. The oil is extracted from marijuana plants and contains one of the two active ingredients of that plant, cannabidiol (CBD). In medical dispensaries across the country, the CBD-based concentrate is made available to patients who have…(Read More)