10 Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

The 10 Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil


Cannabis essential oil has been shown to be very effective in treating a wide variety of medical issues. The oil is extracted from marijuana plants and contains one of the two active ingredients of that plant, cannabidiol (CBD). In medical dispensaries across the country, the CBD-based concentrate is made available to patients who have doctor-authorized medical cards, which confirm their legitimate need for treatment.

Here are some of the most useful benefits of cannabis essential oil.

Treating cancer

This may sound like an extravagant claim, but evidence strongly supports the contention that marijuana oil can help prevent cancer and can reduce the size of existing tumors. For those patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can also help maintain a healthy appetite and strength.

Skin protection

When cannabis essential oil is applied topically or ingested, it can prevent harm to the skin from external sources. The oil can lessen even the natural effects of aging, such as wrinkles and lines.

Promotes healthy hearts

In addition to improving overall cardiovascular function, cannabis essential oil can lower cholesterol and can help to balance out negative oils in the systems of the body.

Treating glaucoma

Cannabis essential oil can help to reduce glaucoma and to actually prevent macular degeneration. Older people, who are the most common sufferers of these two afflictions, often make use of CBD oil for this reason. 

Lessening the effects of asthma

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can promote better flow of oxygen through the bronchial tubes via its analgesic effects.

Headaches and migraines

CBD has been very effective in relieving pain from headaches and migraines, when applied topically to the area where pain is experienced.

Relief of chronic pain

One of the most common uses for CBD oil is for reducing chronic pain and discomfort, even for patients experiencing the severe distress of pain associated with cancer.

Improve appetite

Not only does CBD oil stimulate hunger for people who may be trying to gain weight or are going through chemotherapy, it can actually help regulate the body’s digestive system for more efficient operation.

Promote good sleep

People who have difficulty sleeping have had great success in achieving a more relaxed state at bedtime with cannabis oil, because it can lower the heart rate and prepare a person for a restful night.

Stress relief

Stress relief is one of the best-known benefits of cannabis, because it reduces anxiety and helps to relax you. People who experience high levels of stress find it to be extremely beneficial.

Cannabis Essential Oil in San Diego

There are many medical dispensaries providing cannabis essential oil in Southern California, but one offering a wide variety with expert assistance is the Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-operative. Contact us today for more information.


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