First Time Medical Marijuana Patients

New patients must call us at least 2 hours before closing to receive a same day delivery. All new patients must have a valid Government¬†ID or Driver’s License and their original 8″ x 10″ Doctor’s Recommendation (with the raised seal and doctor’s signature) to receive a delivery. (MMJ cards will not be accepted for first time patients)

Verification Process:

There are three easy ways to sign up and get verified as a patient!
1) Snap a photo of your Original Recommendation and valid Government ID or Driver’s license and email both, along with your phone number and current delivery address, to . We will verify you, get you signed up, and call you to take your order.
2) Call us! Have your original recommendation and Government ID or driver’s license handy and we can take your information over the phone. We will verify you and take your order.

3) Complete the fields below with the requested information needed for verification.

*****When the driver arrives with your order, they will take a picture of your original recommendation and ID/DL.

For first time patients please call at least 2 hours before closing time. Have original 8×10 recommendation from the doctor, with the raised seal and signature ready. (We do not accept the wallet sized version)