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Popular Cannabis Strains


What’s strain name? It can be a daunting experience to visit your local cannabis dispensary if you’re not sure what you’re in for. The aisles are full of funny strain names like catpiss, dogshit and alaskan thunder fuck (ATF). There are plenty of guides to tell you which cannabis strains are best…(Read More)

If you are looking to buy marijuana, you might not know where to begin! There are some marijuana dispensaries that stand out like Golden State Greens. Using an app like weedmaps will direct you easily to find them. Options at cannabis dispensaries vary from the best edibles, cbd oils, clones, flowers, vape pens and cannabis…(Read More)

popular cannabis products

Popular Cannabis Products


Trying to find popular cannabis products? Googling ‘dispensary near me’ can leave you with a daunting amount of cannabis dispensaries to choose from. The product options are wide and varied and if you are inexperienced it can be very overwhelming. We’ve singled out a few flower strains, safe cannabis vape brands and some of…(Read More)

A recreational marijuana dispensary allows anyone over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis products legally. Dispensaries serve customers for either medicinal marijuana or recreational purchases. A referral from a doctor is required to visit a cannabis dispensary that services only medical users. Medical patients have a higher limit on the amount of THC they…(Read More)

high times cannabis cup winner gsg golden state greens dispensary socal

Golden State Greens has been a cannabis cup winner several times! The High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s largest cannabis competition. Founded in 1988, for thirty years the competition took place in Amsterdam. In addition, with the decrease in regulations and restrictions around the world events now occur in many different locations. There…(Read More)

vape safe

The vaping controversy has been a hot topic in the news lately. You might have heard about the dangerous attributes in e-cigarettes bought from black market sellers and sold to unsuspecting customers. To better understand, vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by a battery-powered vaping device. Further, in August the CDC…(Read More)

4th Year Anniversary


Golden State Greens has hit a huge milestone. We are turning 4 at our current location and it’s time to celebrate our anniversary with our closest friends and family. On August 8, we are rolling out the red carpet to plan a special meet n greet with Duddy B from the Dirty Heads. Furthermore…(Read More)

 Spring is just about sprung; flowers, plants and trees are bursting forth with new growth. All of it brings to mind how incredibly easy and rewarding it can be to grow your own cannabis . Growing your cannabis The days are getting longer which means longer periods of light. This is exactly what is needed…(Read More)


CBD as a sleep aid


Today, CBD has been a natural sleep aid for many. CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. In addition to its medicinal purposes it has become a leading nutraceutical super-supplement and sleep aid. Furthermore, the absence of psychoactive effects makes CBD a reliable and widely available option. There are many…(Read More)

Too high? CBD oil can help! Whether it was too many THC Gummies, edibles or just a simple case of over-indulgence you might have that feeling of utter stoniness. So, if you are feeling too high and you’ve got some place to be or have some responsibilities, you’re probably wondering if there…(Read More)