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Growing Cannabis At Home     Spring is just about sprung; flowers, plants and trees are bursting forth with new growth and all of it brings to mind how incredibly easy and rewarding it can be to grow your own cannabis at home.  The days are getting longer which means longer periods of light which is…(Read More)

cbd as a sleep aid

CBD as a sleep aid


by Alice Grace CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has taken the medical cannabis community by storm. In addition to its medicinal purposes it has become a leading nutraceutical super-supplement and sleep aid. The absence of psychoactive effects makes CBD a reliable and widely available option. There are many factors that make…(Read More)

CBD to sober up


by Alice Grace Whether it was too many THC Gummies, edibles or just a simple case of over-indulgence you might have experienced that feeling of utter stoniness. And if you’ve got some place to be, or some responsibilities you need to address or maybe just want to reenter the less stoney haze of…(Read More)

Mixing Alcohol and CBD


by Alice Grace So… you’ve probably done it… mixed CBD and alcohol. There’s a noticeable difference, a change in your body chemistry. But what exactly is happening when you mix? CBD is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis that provides relaxant effects but it won’t get you high, and these days it…(Read More)

by Alice Grace Cannabis you can trust from San Diego’s only LEED Certified private business. Since its inception, Golden State Greens has strived to be the dependable location that provides cannabis you can trust. One of the ways GSG provides such impeccable, dependable product is by being a LEED Certified private business. So what…(Read More)


CBD for dogs


– What You Need To Know by Alice Grace Dogs are more than just household animals, they are members of our family. And according to the statisticians at Statista there are over 89 million households in America with dogs. We feed them well, buy them toys and treats and canopy beds or just give them…(Read More)


by Alice Grace Enjoying an edible baked good or food product from a local dispensary is a treat indeed. But, for some who don’t live near a dispensary or for others who might have noticed these items are often very high in sugar and calories and want more diverse choices can cook or bake…(Read More)


by Alice Grace More than ever before cannabis use among women is at an all time high. So, why all the interest? 1. Access. It’s now easier than ever to obtain cannabis. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a booming local dispensary the options are wide and varied. Women…(Read More)


Weed and Yoga


by Alice Grace Suffer from chronic pain? Anxiety? Flabby tummy? Boring existence? Well, all around California (and elsewhere) classes are popping up that cater to individuals in need of a relaxing exercise experience that incorporates cannabis into the practice. Welcome to Weed Yoga… What is it? Weed Yoga is billed as a transformative meditative experience…(Read More)


by Alice Grace Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are a multitude of cannabis and cannabis-infused products that can bring you and your sweetheart a little extra romance this year. Who needs boring old chocolate this February 14th when you can entice your sweetie with some sweet edibles like Defonce…(Read More)

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