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Surfboard Drive


Surfing originated in Hawaii. These days, people surf all over the world – wherever there is a wave. Australia has almost 40,000 kilometres of coastline, with many surf beaches. Surfers enjoy the physical benefits of paddling and surfing, being in the fresh air, as well as the overall benefits of surfing.  We at Golden State…(Read More)

Come meet Lamar Odom and PreGame with us for our 4/20 celebrations.  Receive exclusive discounts, and signatures from Lamar.   4/19 4:30-6PM…(Read More)

Watch our 2017 Year Recap


2017 was a phenomenal year filled with multiple events, charity, and community gatherings hosted by our Ambassadors.  We thank all of you who made Golden State Greens such a great place to be…(Read More)

Cannabis- PLPCC

With the new laws and regulations coming about with the 2018 Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Sales new Tax Regulations will require a medical recommendation to exempt medicinal users from City Tax and a State MMIC Card for State Sales Tax.  To begin the process of getting a verified recommendation click here. “Add your name to…(Read More)

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