treating anxiety with marijuana

Best Marijuana Strains And Products For Treating Anxiety


Marijuana Strains and Their Different Effects

Studies show treating anxiety is the most common reason for using medical marijuana. This is not surprising — most conventional treatments for anxiety and relieving stress involve chemically derived pharmaceuticals that result in unwanted and potentially debilitating side effects. Conversely, marijuana proves effective treating anxiety due to its naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds, which closely resemble the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids, used by the brain to regulate stress.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Low endocannabinoid levels have been linked to experiences of stress, anxiety, and fear. Hence, they may be remedied with the help of marijuana’s key cannabinoid ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, and potentially more so by another common compound, cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

Therefore, the best marijuana strains and products for treating anxiety will likely include one or both of these compounds.

Sativa Strains For Uplifting Effects

Deciding which marijuana strain best treats anxiety will be informed by how a patient’s anxiety manifests itself. Those prone to social anxiety and/or panic attacks may benefit from trying sativa strains, which are known to have uplifting effects that help many people feel more socially engaged and upbeat.

Several potent sativa strains may help in this regard, including Super Silver Haze and Jack Herrer, or the newer strain Jack Pearl Parma, which is derived from both of the aforementioned and has been lab-tested as having high THC levels in excess of 30 percent.

Indica Strains For Relaxation

Conversely, someone suffering panic attacks may benefit from the relaxing characteristics attributed to indica strains. The relaxing body sensation resulting from smoking an indica may also help those whose anxiety presents as an obsessive focus on negative moments and memories. Well known indica strains promoting relaxation include Blackberry, Northern Lights and Hindu Kush —  indeed, many indicas and indica dominant hybrids include the name Kush.

Best Of Both Worlds With Hybrid Strains

Selecting medical marijuana hybrid strains may provide the best of both anxiety relieving effects. Additionally, some hybrid strains are bred to increase CBD levels, which offer no psychoactive effects, yet are linked with reducing anxiety levels. Furthermore, some people report responding to high levels of THC with a feeling of paranoia, and the presence of CBD may help counteract the sensation.

The Harlequin hybrid strain boasts exceptionally high CBD levels — Golden State Greens offers Harlequin lab tests as high as 10.5 percent. Used alone or as a supplement other strains, this may prove one of the best strains for treating anxiety for certain people.

Treating Anxiety For Those Who Don’t Smoke

While these strains may be at the top of the list for people who smoke marijuana, there are plenty of great medical marijuana products for treating anxiety of nonsmokers. Cannabis tinctures and elixirs offer the benefit of being able to more precisely control the level of cannabinoids you ingest. This proves especially useful for the subset of people who experience paranoia with high levels of THC.

Additionally, such extracts may also offer higher levels of CBD than may be found in medical marijuana flowers, including the option to ingest CBD only, with little or no THC presence. These forms of medical marijuana allows patients to adjust how they use marijuana strains and products for treating anxiety, so they may find the optimal treatment that specifically suits their needs.

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