Cannabis-Inspired Valentines


Cannabis-inspired valentines is the perfect gift.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are a multitude of cannabis and cannabis-infused products that can bring you and your sweetheart a little extra romance this year. Who needs boring old chocolate this February 14th when you can give your sweetie with some edibles like Defonce chocolate. If chocolates aren’t exactly where it’s at but you’re still looking for that sugar and a sugar high, why not romance your honey with a little Honey Pot honey? Mix it in your calming, relaxing tea or just forget the tea and drizzle it right on your partner and see where that leads…?

Popular Cannabis Products

Maybe a hot bath in cbd-infused bath salts will help you set the mood? You can always give a full body massage with cannabis-infused massage oil to increase sensitivity and relaxation. In addition, for a more explosive experience, THC or CBD-infused products can help you achieve maximum arousal with a cannabis-infused sexual pre-lubricant like Foria Pleasure. Literally pleasure at your fingertips! This can increase blood flow, maximize sensation and heighten pleasure. However, disposable vape pens like Dosist’s Passion or Arouse can increase and heighten your sexual pleasure.

The main takeaway here is incorporating cannabis, a natural aphrodisiac, into your Valentine’s Day can inspire creativity, relax the body and mind and loosen inhibitions. Introducing some of these sultry options will make this a Valentine’s to remember. Above all, don’t worry if you over-indulge, there’s always CBD for recovery on the 15th.

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