CBD for dogs


– What You Need To Know

Alice Grace

Dogs are more than just household animals, they are members of our family. And
according to the statisticians at Statista there are over 89 million households in America with dogs. We feed them well, buy them toys and treats and canopy beds or just give
them our own beds and when they are unwell we rush them to the vet for help. More
and more veterinarians are turning to CBD to treat dogs for a myriad of ailments. Why?
What is CBD? And how can it help? In brief, CBD is the cannabidiol receptor found in
cannabis and its use as a powerful, effective medication is profound.

1. HOMEOSTASIS – One of the most enticing effects of CBD use in both humans and
pets is its ability to naturally maintain a steadiness in the body’s internal conditions, known as homeostasis. CBD for pets has been shown to promote overall health which
in turn gives the immune system a boost, enabling the body’s own defenses to battle
disease and illnesses.
2. CBD TREATS PAIN – CBD for pets has also has been shown to be an effective
treatment for pain. As well as an anticonvulsant. Meaning, giving your dog CBD can
help control spasms, seizures and tics.
3. CBD AS AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – As dogs age they can become susceptible to
diseases and conditions such as arthritis. CBD has been shown to provide anti-
Inflammatory benefits for dogs that counteract swelling and pain from these conditions.
4. CBD IS A STRESS RELIEVER – CBD is also an effective stress reliever. Even dogs
can suffer from anxiety and depression just as humans do. CBD has been shown to
help treat these conditions in dogs and their symptoms as well as treating phobias and other mental disorders.
5. CBD AS AN ANTIEMETIC – Nausea and vomiting are troublesome issues some dog
owners face. There has been a link between CBD use and antiemetic effects including
increasing appetite.
6. CBD FIGHTS CANCER – There have been studies that have proven CBD use in rats
with tumors has inhibited the growth of the tumors. The impressive anticancer effects specifically reducing the size of tumors in dogs is another amazing use of this wonder drug.

There is more research to be done but given the multitude of ailments and issues
CBD treats safely and naturally it is no wonder it is being prescribed and used so
frequently to help keep our dogs healthy.

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