CBD Oil and Migraines


CBD Oil And Migraines

Alice Grace

Migraine sufferers know that the symptoms felt from a migraine are
far more extreme than the symptoms of a headache. These symptoms can often
include nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound and can vary in
intensity and duration. It is estimated that more than 37 million people
suffer from migraines in the United States and that it is the seventh leading
cause of disability globally.
For some period of time now sufferers have wisely turned to CBD oil products
for relief of pain and other symptoms. CBD oil is short for cannabidiol and it is one of
the active cannabinoids in medicinal marijuana products. THC, another
active ingredient in marijuana, is the property that causes one to
experience the feeling of being high. It’s the most commonly understood
experience someone would think of when using marijuana either medicinally or
recreationally. But, this is not always the case. CBD, is psychoactive-free
and therefore patients get relief without the side effect of feeling hazy or
stoned. There are a multitude of products that contain one or the other or
both of these cannabinoids. For the purpose of relief relative to migraines
CBD oil is all you need, electing to add THC to the mix is one of personal
So, how does it all work? Well, humans have cannabinoid receptors
in the body which help it to regulate, among other things, the nervous
system and immune system. These receptors regulate things such as body
temperature or blood sugar levels, etc. While more research needs to be
done there is an abundance of scientific evidence proving the properties in
CBD, naturally occurring marijuana plant-based cannabinoids, interact with
the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 to name just a few) in the body
and can provide pain relief, reduce swelling, etc.
A migraine sufferer looking for the fastest method of relief when
experiencing an attack might opt for an inhalation method such as vaping
as its effects in the body are quickest. CBD oil drops is another effective method of
There are two types of CBD strains available on the market. One is
CBD-dominant which contains almost no THC and the other is CBD-Rich
which can contain both. Some strains to consider for migraine treatment

  1. ACDC – Its THC to CBD ratio is 1:20 meaning the psychoactive
    properties in it are extremely low. It is known to be very effective at
    reducing inflammation and treating depression and anxiety.
  2. Harlequin – is a relaxing treatment for the pain associate with
    migraine. It has a 5:2 CBD:THC content.
  3. Remedy – high in CBD and low in THC is a good choice for a more
    sedated treatement.
  4. Cannatonic – very good at treating pain and contains very little THC
    making it unlikely to produce psychoactive effects.
  5. Sour Tsunami – excellent pain relief with a slightly higher likelyhood
    of producing psychoactive effects.
  6. CannaTsu which is a blend of the above two and very good at
    reducing inflammation while providing mental clarity.
    Of course all of these should be discussed with your doctor for proper
    dosing and treatment options. Additionally, legal use of CBD to treat
    migraines is determined by state.

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