Cooking With Cannabis


Alice Grace

Enjoying an edible baked good or food product from a local dispensary is a treat indeed.
But, for some who don’t live near a dispensary or for others who might have noticed these items
are often very high in sugar and calories and want more diverse choices can cook or bake your
own products to enjoy as you desire. But, there are methods by which the amateur cannabis
cooks can get the most out of their product and yield the best results.
First, and most importantly, you will want to decarboxylate your cannabis. This is a
slightly fancy process of baking your flowers at a lower temperature before using them to cook
with so that all the wonderful cannabinoids in the product don’t dissipate in the oven. There are
different classifications but the general rule of thumb is to heat the oven to 245°F (120°C) and
cook the buds for about thirty to forty minutes and stir after every ten minutes.
After that you’ll want to grind them – but not too finely – as that can lend a weird taste or
color to your baked goods. A simple hand grinder works best or a few pulses in a food processor
good enough to break down the flowers to a coarse grind.
Next you’ll add oil or butter or some type of fat-based material to the coarse grind and
blend together. Once fully combined strain the mixture using a fine sieve or cheesecloth to
extract the less pure and less tasty leafy byproducts from the mixture. This is important because
cannabinoids bind to the fats so the left over plant material is really an unnecessary and
unwanted part of the process. When measuring out how much bud to combine with oil or butter
it is best to use a 1:1 ratio otherwise you are being wasteful.

After straining the mixture can be used in all your dishes but will need to be checked for
potency. More isn’t always more when making edibles. The recommended or typical dose of
THC in a brownie for example is about 10 milligrams so you will want to pay attention to the
concentration in the buds you are using and gauge accordingly. Or not.
Some other things to keep in mind when using canna-oil or canna-butter into your baked
goods is not using super high heat. After about 350 degrees the cannabinoids will break down
and all the work and effort will be for naught. One way to side step that is to add it in at the end
of cooking so the flavors and benefits are infused into the meal or dessert but the temperature
and duration of cook time hasn’t eroded the cannabinoids.
The possibilities are endless and you can try incorporating canna-butter or canna-oil in
your favorite recipes with much greater control over the sugar, calories or contents in the dish.
Now you just have to figure out what to cook!

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