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What’s The Difference Between THC Oil, Cannabis Oil, CBD Oil, and Marijuana Oil? – Ask Your Bud Tender


When it comes to medical marijuana, there are many different methods of consumption. Each patient has different needs and may need to experiment with several approaches before finding the right one. First-time patients in particular often seek guidance in making the right choice. Here you’ll learn the difference between THC oil, cannabis oil, CBD oil, and marijuana oil. 

There is no “wrong” answer as long as you use medical marijuana safely and responsibly. That said, there is often a “right” answer that will produce the ideal results for a given patient. At Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative, we help patients get informed.

One question we hear frequently is about types of cannabis oil.

Oils are frequently used by people who suffer inflammation or immune system disorders that produce localized, chronic pain. For some, rubbing oils directly into the skin can be helpful. Others prefer to vape oils, because many of them do not produce a “high.”

Oils are a form of concentrate, with high levels of active ingredients in small doses. There are several different oils to know about.


THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. The level of THC found in a particular product is usually expressed as a percentage; higher percentages are more potent. THC produces the high associated with using cannabis in most forms. It imitates the effects of anandamide, a natural human neurotransmitter that regulates eating and sleeping – among other things.

THC oil has high levels of THC, associated with the following effects:

  • Relaxation

  • Fatigue

  • Reduced anxiety and “aggression”

  • Hunger

  • Changes in basic sensation – sight, smell and hearing.

THC oil is common among patients who want to help stimulate their appetite and reduce any negative symptoms around eating, such as nausea and vomiting. If vaped, it tends to produce a very fast reaction within the body.


CBD – cannabidiol – has a chemical structure similar to THC. Many people who do not wish to experience a high when they use their medication choose it. In general, it has the potential to produce most of the same positive effects that THC is known for.

CBD has been used for a variety of purposes. It may be more appropriate for people who suffer from conditions they need to treat during the day while maintaining a regular work schedule. Some people also find it easier to administer.

Marijuana Oil and Cannabis Oil

Marijuana oil and cannabis oil are catch-all terms that describe one of the two oils above. If someone describes a product this way, it’s important to determine whether the key ingredient is CBD or THC.

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