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What Are The Differences between CBD and THC? – Ask Your Bud Tender


There has been a flurry of news and medical cannabis research studies flooding the web since the early 2000s when marijuana legalization efforts began in earnest. Now, we are starting to see more and more cannabis products labeled as either CBD or THC products.

Before you visit the nearest marijuana dispensary in San Diego, it’s important that you understand the differences between CBD and THC in order to find the best products for you. 


All together, there are more than a dozen known cannabinoids present in marijuana. Each one is a chemical compound that has different properties that change the way your brain reacts to the substance.

THC and CBD are the most common cannabinoids present in marijuana, which is why we spend so much time talking about them. These two chemicals, in particular, are opposites to one another, so strains that are heavy in one have less of the other and vice versa. 


THC is the cannabinoid that is most notable for getting people high, or in other words, experiencing the effects of marijuana. However, it can also be used as a way to activate certain areas of the brain, such as those that control appetite and motivation.

This is useful for people undergoing chemotherapy who have a lack of desire to eat, or those who need help getting prepared to run or do other strenuous exercise. It can increase your focus and keep you moving when your body would otherwise slow you down.

Strains like Blue Dream are often used as an anti-depressant because of their heavy THC content. Along with its usefulness in the medical industry, THC is definitely the cannabinoid of choice for recreational marijuana users, where such use is legal and many THC-heavy strains are produced with that in mind. 


CBD, on the other hand, is almost exclusively used for medical purposes. It is not a psychoactive chemical so it does not produce a high. Instead, it is useful for pain relief and treating anxiety.

It is also commonly concentrated and administered to reduce the frequency of seizures. Sativa strains like Charlotte’s Web have become increasingly popular for their high CBD content. 

Both THC and CBD can be used for medical or recreational purposes, where such use is legal. Typically people choose THC-heavy strains because of their psychoactive element, while users who choose CBD usually want a solution that keeps them clear minded for day-to-day tasks. 

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