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Golden State Greens Cannabis Cup Award Winner


Alice Grace

The High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s largest and most
prestigious cannabis competition. It was founded in 1988 and for thirty
years the competition took place in Amsterdam but with the decrease in
regulations and restrictions around the world events occur in many different
locations broadening the scope of the competition as well as the appeal.
There are a myriad of contests, competitors and categories with expert
judges from all over the world gathering together to pick the best in their
field from flowers, topicals and edibles to vapes, concentrates and more.
This past year for the first time ever a San Diego dispensary won in a
category for best flower. Golden State Greens took home the prestigious
second prize trophy in the Best Hybrid Flower category for their product
Sugar Biscuits #8 by Kanna King Farms in collaboration with Point Loma
Patient Consumer Co-op.
In operation since 2015 Golden State Greens is located in the Point
Loma area minutes from local beaches and the airport. They offer online
ordering pickup and delivery, but if you can make it in their showroom is
packed with enticing products and definitely something you’ll want to see.
Their slogan is “Cannabis you can trust” which is evidenced by their
rigorous selection process for products they choose to carry and the
knowledgable and experienced bud tenders on hand to guide consumers.
They also offer a Loyalty Rewards Programs for purchases over $50 with a
credit of $50 being rewarded after ten punches on your punch card.
With a prestigious win under its belt and its commitment to providing
high quality product in an enticing atmosphere with expert assistance on
hand it is no surprise that in a recent article High Times named Golden
State Greens one of the top dispensaries in the San Diego area.
Even though there were only two dispensaries in the area when GSG
opened their doors in 2015 there are now a lot more choices. It’s important
to do your homework and always purchase products from reputable and
licensed sources like Golden State Greens. You can follow them on
Facebook or Instagram and check out their website here:

Cannabis You Can Trust

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