Growing Cannabis At Home


 Spring is just about sprung; flowers, plants and trees are bursting forth with new growth. All of it brings to mind how incredibly easy and rewarding it can be to grow your own cannabis .

Growing your cannabis

The days are getting longer which means longer periods of light. This is exactly what is needed to grow healthy, high-yielding plants. Generally speaking, your plants will need a minimum of twelve hours a day of simulated or natural sunlight. Although, if you are growing indoors then up to eighteen hours is needed. Natural growth pattern is roughly 8-12 weeks. This is similar to the regular pattern of sunlight during the summer months.

Where to grow cannabis?

With proper lighting in mind you’ll need to pick the perfect location to grow your plants. If you are growing outdoors you will want a nice full-sun location. If you are growing indoors you will need to simulate daylight with grow-lights purchased from any hardware store. Furthermore, keep in mind that marijuana plants will stretch high toward the light source. If possible adjust the distance between the light and the plants. You’ll want to as the plants will expand and produce a wider yield.

Tips on growing cannabis

    So, after you’ve picked the right spot you’ll need high quality seeds and good soil. A simple, loose mix allowing for air to circulate the roots is ideal. You will also need to provide nutrients to the plants. There are many different varieties of nutritional supplements to add to soil. Some cater specifically to marijuana but you can use  Miracle-Gro. Keep in mind it’s important not to overfeed or over water the plants. It’s better to dry out between watering so if you notice brown tips on the leaves back off on watering for a spell. Prune the leaves as you go and before you know it more than five weeks will have passed (the minimum recommended for the growth stage) and it will be time to either induce flowering if you are indoors by reducing the time lights are on to twelve hours, or to harvest outdoors.

Growing your Marijuana

    The best way to discover harvest  is by examining the sugary trichomes on the bud. You will want to use a magnifying glass to check out the crystals. They are perfect to harvest when they are a milky or cloudy white color and before they turn a reddish. Trim the buds and hang them to dry for one to two weeks making sure there is air circulating and that the buds don’t dry out too fast. Place the buds in glass jars and leave them in a cool, dark place, opening a couple of times a day to cure. This process will take about three weeks.

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    And that’s it! Seed to harvest in no time at all! Time to get planting!

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