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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?


You may have wondered how long traces of marijuana can stay in your system and there’s always ‘that guy’ who will tell you he knows for sure it’s this long or heard about somebody saying it’s that long or whatever it may be. The facts are that cannabis can be traced in a user’s blood, urine, hair, and saliva but there are factors in each user that can alter the duration cannabis remains in the body.

It is commonly believed that tests are looking for THC but that isn’t entirely the case. THC does not last for more than a few days in user’s bodies so the test is looking for something a little more specific called THCCOOH which can last for more than three months in some cases. 

What factors affect drug tests? 

The first factor is the frequency of use. It stands to reason that frequent everyday users will have traces present more prominently and for a longer duration than infrequent or first-time users. 

Dosage is important. Obviously the more you ingest or inhale the more likely it is going to show up in a test.  

The body type of the user is a big indicator of the duration weed can stay in your system as well. If you are a big guy with a slow metabolism you’re not as likely to have the same results as a little gal with a banging metabolism, especially if you are both ingesting or inhaling the same amount of herb. 

Exercising impacts the body’s ability to detoxify the system, so if you are an ardent exerciser THC will dissipate in your system faster than a couch potato’s. 

The overall health of the body is a big factor in metabolizing cannabis and if you, specifically your organs, are in great shape your body will expel the toxins quicker. The liver is the primary organ that processes THC and the better condition it’s in the better it will function and the quicker cannabis byproducts will metabolize in your body. 

And some of the more obvious considerations on testing the duration that weed will stay in your system is the test itself. How sensitive is it?

It is possible to have remnants of THC in your system and still pass some types of tests while others are more exact. The method of testing is an important factor as well. Test results based on urine, saliva, blood, and hair offer varied rates of sensitivity. 

So, just how long does marijuana stay in your system? Here’s the lowdown to help you figure out where you might land on the testing scale.

How long does weed stay in your system?


Urine Test Blood Test Saliva Test
Single use 2-7 days 1-2 days less than 1 day
Occasional user (few times per month) 7-20 days 1-3 days less than 1 day
Regular user (3-5/week) 20-30 days 2-7 days 2-3 days
Heavy user (daily) 30-100 days 7-18 days 5-7 days


And keep in mind when testing hair it is possible to see it for up to 90 days or longer for more frequent users. 

Now you know! 

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