How To Get Recreational Marijuana in San Diego


Is there a difference when shopping for Recreational or Medical Marijuana? 

For the most part, the shopping experience for a recreational marijuana purchase is very similar to a medicinal cannabis purchase. Some San Diego dispensaries will have a waiting area to ensure customer confidentiality. Shops, like San Diego’s Golden State Greens, have budtenders and products that can cater to the needs of patients. They also offer a pickup option & weed delivery.

What about the cost? Does Golden State Greens offer discounts? 

Not all customers will have their medical recommendations, Golden State Greens still offers a 10% discount on all regularly priced items to veterans, seniors, disabled patrons, and students. San Diego residents receive 25% off their first order, while Non-San Diego residents get a 10% discount. We also offer a weekly discount for cancer patients and a discount for referrals. 

What about weed delivery in San Diego? 

At a dispensary like Golden State Greens you can order cannabis online and get express delivery from 7am-7:30pm. Golden State Greens is centrally located and is the closest dispensary to the San Diego Airport and the local beaches.

What are the age restrictions to purchase marijuana in San Diego? 

You must be over 21 or 18 years old and have a medical marijuana card to visit a licensed marijuana shop.

What kind of IDs are accepted for recreational marijuana? Does the ID have to be in-state? 

All new (ADULT USE) Must be 21+ with valid government-issued ID. The ID does not have to be in-state. All new (MEDICAL) patients must be 18+ and have a valid government-issued ID and a current verifiable doctor’s recommendation to become a medical member. The ID does not have to be in-state but the doctor’s recommendation has to have been given in California.

 When you are purchasing marijuana you should always purchase from the best legal pot shop in San Diego like Golden State Greens.

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