Help Raise Money for Golden State Green's Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

Help With Our Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund


Although the storm is over, more than 70,000 people are still trying to rebuild their homes & lives after Hurricane Dorian, the most catastrophic tropical storm on record, struck the Bahamas last month. As Citizens of the World it is our duty to help those in need. Many of us have visited, or have friends & family in the Bahamas and are devastated by the loss of life and livelihood on the islands. We cannot imagine the hardships the people of the islands are going through. Relief aid is coming in from around the world and now is our time to step up and do our part for our fellow man.

Those on the islands are still in need of medical attention, shelter, hygiene items, blanket sets, food & kitchen items and more. For the past couple weeks our Trust team & budtenders have been collecting donations at our Point Loma store. The support has been great so far. But we’re reaching out to you because we need more to reach our $2500 goal.

As a thank you for donations to our Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund, Golden State Greens is gifting donors various items including products from the “grab bag”, accessories & apparel. Donations are accepted by our budtenders in-store, at the pickup window, and by our delivery drivers. Visit or call our San Diego dispensary at 619-268-8035 for details.

Thank you for your support! Golden State Greens, Cannabis You Can Trust!

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