indica vs sativa

Indica and Sativa


Indica and Sativa….

3 Differences Between Indicas and Sativas

Please understand that cannabis, regardless of what kind it is, can affect people differently based on things like their weight, height, tolerance, amount used, etc. There are specific differences between the two main strains of cannabis though. Indica and sativa strains, having such different effects, are used for various reasons both medically and recreationally. Knowing these differences enables you to choose which type you need and what it can do for you.

Indica vs Sativa and how it affects you:

Indica, commonly referred to as “in da couch” give your body and mind a deep relaxation. It can enhance your senses, induce sleep, help lower stress and combat depression and anxiety.

Moreover, sativa promotes creativity, helps one focus, and boost your energy. If there are things you need to accomplish and would like a little help, this is your go-to cannabis. It won’t give you that sleepy, not able to do anything feeling at all.

The physical differences in Indica vs Sativa plants:

Indica plants are short, stocky and grow thick clusters of buds around the nodes at the end of the stems. Their flowers are quite aromatic and often taste sweet. They’ve also been known to take on the smell of a diesel oil type. The buds typically take 45-65 days to flower.

In addition, sativas are typically a taller plant, much thinner and have buds all along the branch instead of just near the stems. They take 60-90 days to flower and the aroma is not nearly as pungent as an Indica. They take on a more earthy taste and the smell is delicate.

The Chemical differences in Indica vs Sativa plants:

The differences in these plants is determined through testing.

Furthermore, Indica has a higher THC:CBD ratio which is the reason this type of marijuana creates a deep relaxation. In addition, THC is a cannabinoid (a compound) in cannabis; the only cannabinoid to produce the euphoric high.

Sativa has a higher CBD:THC ratio. CBD is another cannabinoid in cannabis. This one opens the gate for many medicinal and therapeutic properties and has no psychoactive properties whatsoever.

In conclusion, each strain has unique characteristics and genetics rendering them vastly different. As a result, the levels of THC and/or CBD varies depending on the plant itself and with crossbreeding becoming so popular in order to create a hybrid, those levels can be altered.

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