In California and dozens of states, medical marijuana has delivered amazing benefits for patients. People suffering any condition with chronic pain can enjoy immense benefits from getting a medical marijuana card to use at their local marijuana dispensaries.

Some CBD strains are powerful enough to completely relieve severe pain with minimal side effects.

At PLPCC, we support the right of patients to access medical marijuana for their needs. Many of our first-time patients waited weeks or even months to bring up the subject of MMJ with a doctor. The truth is, however, there’s no need to put off talking about it.

No matter your preferred methods of consumption, it’s easier than ever to use medical cannabis responsibly. With a doctor’s recommendation, it typically only takes a few days before you can begin to access MMJ safely and legally – and the relief is worth it.

Talking to Your Doctor About MMJ: What to Know

If you’ve been thinking about medical cannabis, you probably already know some of the basics. It’s important to start treatment under a doctor’s supervision and use only local, trustworthy marijuana dispensaries.

But how can you make sure the conversation with your doctor goes smoothly?

Be Ready to Discuss Your Level of Pain

In California, doctors have wide leeway to determine whether patients might benefit from medical cannabis. It is easiest to get a recommendation for conditions that involve chronic pain. If you have been “toughing it out” in the past, now’s the time to be detailed about where and when you feel pain and what level of severity you experience on a daily basis.

Describe the Ways Your Condition is Limiting

Although chronic pain is the most common factor that influences a medical marijuana decision, it is not the only one. If you have difficulty with certain basic life activities, you can also qualify. These activities, spelled out in the Americans With Disabilities Act, include things like eating and bathing. If you have difficulty with them, you may benefit from cannabis.

Understand the Effects of Opioid Pain Medication

Some doctors will be curious about your history with other pain medications. It is not necessary to try other medications before you qualify for cannabis. Most synthetic painkillers are opioid drugs that can have serious, even dangerous, side effects. Be prepared to discuss why you do not feel they are appropriate in your case. Remember, opioids are often habit-forming.

Golden State Greens

At Golden State Greens (formerly PLPCC), we’re dedicated to helping MMJ patients achieve their goals in a supportive, safe and healthy environment. Our respected San Diego marijuana dispensary offers convenient medical marijuana delivery. We welcome walk-ins from new and established patients all day, every day.

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