Treating Anorexia in CA with MMJ

Anorexia nervosa is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder characterized by self-starvation, excessive exercise and extreme weight loss. Some of the warning signs of the disease include:

  • Extremely low body weight;
  • Body dysmorphia;
  • Obsessively counting calories;
  • An obsessive need to control one’s environment;
  • Difficulty finding pleasure in enjoyable activities;
  • Basing one’s self worth on body weight and shape.

Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Anorexia?

It may seem to be a no-brainer that a substance that famously gives users “the munchies” could be used to stimulate appetite. But unlike appetite loss resulting from AIDS or cancer, anorexia is primarily a psychological disease. 

Surprisingly few studies have been conducted on medical marijuana’s effect on the underlying mental causes of anorexia nervosa. There’s quite a bit of debate within the medical community about the subject despite significant anecdotal evidence. Many patients have described great success in overcoming anorexia using cannabis as just one tool alongside other treatments including:

  • Careful medical supervision
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group and family therapy
  • Medication
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Hospitalization

So the short answer is:  Yes and no. Anorexia is on the list of approved conditions in CA for medical marijuana and it can be an effective tool to combat it. Cannabis should not, however, be seen as a cure on its own and should be used under supervision of a medical professional along with a well-designed treatment program.

What Should I Do If I Think Cannabis Can Help?

  • Talk to a Dr. or licensed Clinician. Anorexia nervosa is a serious disease and, if left untreated, it carries the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disease at 12.8 percent with a staggering 6 percent of those afflicted committing suicide. A medical professional will best advise you on how to proceed with your treatment. Ask your doctor if anorexia alternative treatment with medical marijuana is right for you.
  •  Get your medical cannabis treatment card. Your doctor can help you start the process of getting your California medical marijuana card.   
  • Find the strain that suits your needs. Contact PLPCC San Diego medical marijuana dispensary to discuss what strain is best suited to boost your appetite and alleviate your underlying psychological symptoms. The right balance of CBD and THC will differ from patient to patient. Don’t forget to ask about our weekly specials as different strains are always highlighted.
  • Use responsibly! Remember, medical marijuana treatment of anorexia is just one of many tools that can send you down the road to better health. Be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor and follow some guidelines for using medical cannabis in a safe and mature way.