Treating Arthritis in CA with MMJ

About 350 million people on Earth suffer from arthritis – which means, worldwide, there are almost as many arthritis sufferers as there are people in the United States!

Osteoarthritis, which affects about 31 million Americans, is the most common form of the disorder. It consists of degeneration of joint cartilage and underlying bone. This can cause serious, chronic pain that worsens over time.

There are many arthritis risk factors, including genetics and repetitive stress, but nobody can control whether or not they get this devastating ailment. No cure has been discovered, but long-lasting relief is possible through the use of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana is a Fast, Effective Arthritis Treatment

Many people are most familiar with smoking medical marijuana (MMJ), but there are actually many ways to use it. Arthritis symptoms are centered in specific joints throughout the body, so most patients use a concentrated topical treatment to deliver relief directly to the affected area.

Cannabis topicals are ideal for any form of chronic pain in the muscles or joints. They often come in the form of cannabis-infused wax that can be applied easily to the affected area without it rubbing off. For other illnesses, there are treatments designed to be rubbed completely into the skin.

Many patients opt for topical treatment for various reasons:

  • It’s easy to use and can be applied quickly almost any time of your choosing;
  • It is ideal for people with respiratory issues who cannot smoke MMJ;
  • It does not cause the high that’s associated with many edibles and smokeables.

Cannabis acts as a potent painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent, making it the ideal treatment for arthritis. It not only combats symptoms, but recent research has suggested it might be able to reverse arthritis damage in some people. Damaged joints develop high concentrations of cannabinoid receptors, and ongoing research is testing new cannabis-focused treatments.

There’s No Need to Suffer Untreated Arthritis in California – Come to PLPCC

At Point Loma Patient Consumer Cooperative (PLPCC) we are dedicated to helping people use medical cannabis safely and responsibly. We cater to both first-time and experienced patients with a wide variety of Qualifying Health Conditions.

Getting your Medical Marijuana Card has become a fast and straightforward process in California. If you suffer chronic pain from any source that interferes with your day-to-day life, odds are good you may qualify. A simple medical examination is usually all you will need.

Once you have your card, we offer methods of consumption to meet all your needs. Our menu has been designed with both safety and effectiveness in mind: Our cannabis strains offer high concentrations of THC, the active medicinal ingredient.

To learn more about medical cannabis, contact or visit PLPCC today.