Treating Cancer in CA with MMJ

Cancer was one of the first conditions to be treated using medical marijuana (MMJ). It gripped the attention of the medical community because it not only helps with pain, but relieves symptoms associated with common cancer treatments.

About 1.7 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in a given year. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States – only heart disease kills more people.

Other than skin cancer, which has a favorable prognosis if diagnosed and treated quickly, breast cancer and prostate cancer are the most common and dangerous forms. It can also appear in many vital organs throughout the body.

All forms of cancer are unified by the fact that cancerous cells, centralized in one or more malignant tumors, expand by attacking healthy ones. Some forms of cancer can be treated effectively through surgical removal of the tumors, but many patients will require chemotherapy.

Active chemotherapy through drugs or radiation typically damages healthy cells as well as cancerous ones, leading to pain and other symptoms. Medical marijuana is helpful in helping patients maintain function and quality of life throughout treatment.

How Can Medical Marijuana Be Used by Cancer Patients?

Medical cannabis is typically used alongside an active course of treatment. Depending on the recommendations of your doctor, you might use medical marijuana right before or right after a particular treatment, and might even use it on a daily basis between treatments.

Medical cannabis has been found to have the following effects:

  • Reduction of pain from cancer and various treatments;
  • Relief from nausea, vomiting and difficulty eating food;
  • An easier time falling asleep and staying asleep at night;
  • Potential slowing effects on the growth of cancer cells.

In addition, medical marijuana can be helpful for a wide range of conditions that frequently occur alongside cancer. In particular, many cancer patients suffer from neuropathic pain caused by damage to the nerves throughout the body. Marijuana can help reduce this pain.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card to Get Started with MMJ

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, getting a medical marijuana card is simple. You need to submit some basic information, including a doctor’s recommendation. Even if you cannot access your primary care physician right away, many Californian doctors are willing to help.

At PLPCC, we offer high CBD cannabis strains that act fast and work effectively to help many cancer symptoms. We support first-time patients, and dedicated to the best experience possible for you.

If you need information right away, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions. For one-on-one help from our expert team, contact us any time. We look forward to helping you.