Treating Epilepsy in CA with MMJ

Epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder that causes seizures and unconsciousness. It may develop at any age. Some people have epilepsy as the result of genetic factors, while others acquire it later in life due to brain injury.

Because there are few symptoms between seizures, many sufferers have been able to go on to have rich, fulfilling lives. However, seizures themselves are disruptive and dangerous. They can strike without warning at any time.

Epilepsy is one of the Most Common Seizure Disorders

The exact causes and mechanisms of epilepsy are not well understood. About 1 in 26 Americans will develop the condition in their lifetime. Three million people in the U.S. – about 65 million worldwide – live with the condition, with about 200,000 new cases identified annually.

Although some aspects of epilepsy remain mysterious, it is known that the condition results from a disturbance of nerve cell activity in the brain. This excessive, unregulated activity causes the temporary onset of severe symptoms. A seizure episode typically lasts several minutes.

Epilepsy is one of the most promising areas where medical marijuana has been proven to work.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Control the Symptoms of Epilepsy

The earliest experiments in medical cannabis use often focused on seizure disorders, including epilepsy. Researchers discovered that using medical marijuana could significantly reduce the prevalence and seriousness of seizures.

In particular, work has focused on cannabidiol (CBD), a compound of cannabis that produces medical effects without the “high.” In recent studies, patients who were treated with cannabidiol saw their seizures decrease by an average of 54 percent.

Medical cannabis has been demonstrated to have powerful positive effects on young people. It is also useful in helping those for whom other treatments have not yet worked.

When taking medical cannabis for epilepsy, various forms of treatment may be used. Smoking or ingesting is common. Since the most significant improvement in symptoms has been through the use of cannabidiol, patients may choose to use 99 percent cannabidiol oil.

PLPCC is the Medical Cannabis Dispensary for Epilepsy Sufferers

If you’ve been wondering how to get a medical marijuana card, it has truly never been easier than it is today. Patients suffering from many Qualifying Health Conditions can receive a card quickly.

Chronic pain is the most common symptom that results in issuing a card – however, virtually any chronic condition that significantly impacts day-to-day functioning may qualify.

Once you have your card, you need a medical marijuana dispensary you can trust. The team at PLPCC is dedicated to providing a safe, informative, and helpful environment for all patients – whether you are new to MMJ or an experienced user. We even offer weekly specials.

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