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What is Microdosing? Microdosing Medical Marijuana 101 – Ask Your Bud Tender


Microdosing medical marijuana is becoming more popular with MMJ patients across the state of California. While you should always check with your doctor before changing the way you use your treatments, it’s a good idea to know about this important trend. Microdosing is a simple, sensible idea.

It involves using very small quantities of a treatment in order to get therapeutic benefits while minimizing the possibility of side effects. It can be used with virtually any type of substance where the patient wants to practice extreme care.

All About Getting Your “Micro” Dose with Medical Marijuana

The idea of microdosing cannabis has been around for a while, but it was never as widespread as it is today. Many people of all backgrounds are trying cannabis for medical purposes for the first time, and that means figuring out what kind of dose works for them.

In general, lots of first-time patients prefer to start with a small dose and work their way up as they gain perspective on what might be ideal for them.

However, most patients start with an amount far higher than what’s usually considered a “micro” dose. Most aficionados consider a microdose to be less than 5 milligrams. Starting with just 1 milligram is not uncommon, either!

Since medical marijuana products are typically sold in standard sizes, it can be difficult to find the perfect option if you want to try out microdosing. It’s usually easiest to test the method with edibles, since you can cut off and chew a small segment of 1-3 milligrams more easily.

Some forms of gums and candy may also simplify the process.

Why More Patients than Ever Prefer Microdosing Medical Marijuana

The decision to microdose is helpful for anyone who gets good results from medical marijuana, but struggles with regular side effects. For example, some people feel anxious when they smoke or vape, but they might be satisfied with the other effects of treatment.

Since the patient has the last word on whether medical marijuana is effective or not, going with a microdose can give you more control over your treatment. You might find that you save money in the long run because you can use less product over a longer period of time.

Golden State Green Can Answer Your Questions

Golden State Greens (formerly PLPCC) is the place for microdosing marijuana in San Diego. We make things easy for patients with weekly specials, convenient marijuana delivery and a regular newsletter to keep you informed. We particularly value the chance to assist first-time patients.

If you want to explore your medical marijuana options in a caring and professional environment, PLPCC is the place for you. Contact us or visit today to learn more.


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