Mixing Alcohol and CBD


Alice Grace

So… you’ve probably done it… mixed CBD and alcohol. There’s a noticeable difference,
a change in your body chemistry. But what exactly is happening when you mix?
CBD is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis that provides relaxant effects but it
won’t get you high, and these days it can be found in everything from gum to soda to lip balm
and yes, even in alcohol. Which begs the question – what happens when you mix the effects of
CBD in the body with alcohol?
CBD has been labeled a wonder drug and as such its effects are being largely scrutinized
by everyone from the cannabis industry and medical professionals to dietitians and candy
makers. And spoiler alert – everybody’s got their take – and they don’t always align!
So, across almost every plane, research has shown that CBD can have relaxing effects on
the body and reduce pain. And as is common knowledge, alcohol is a sedative. So, how’s everybody still awake if
they’re mixing? Does one cancel the other out? Do they maximize effects? What gives? Well,
there is evidence that suggests that combining the two can amplify the effects of drowsiness. And
there is further evidence that surmises that combining CBD with alcohol can amplify mood,
meaning if you experience a higher emotional state when you consume alcohol that could likely
be exaggerated with CBD.
There is some really good news regarding the use of the pair and that is the fact
that CBD may counteract some of the negative effects of alcohol. Things like cell damage and
disease and reducing the level of alcohol in the blood – you know, for when you have had that
one or two too many. CBD can also help calm the effects within the body of alcohol withdrawal –
ie hangovers!
So, the jury’s still out and of course it’s important to keep in mind that the effects of
mixing CBD and alcohol can be as varied as the individuals partaking. And as always, it’s
imperative that the CBD ingested always comes from a reputable, trusted source. There’s more
research to be done and so many products on the market. How’s it working for you?

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