Picking A Strain



Selecting a cannabis strain can be a lot like choosing your favorite go-to cocktail at a nightclub or your preferred In-N-Out Burger combo. It’s a nuanced decision that requires considering variables like locale, time of day, and mood. One thing to remember: selection is as varied as the colors of the rainbow – an endless spectrum of flavors, formulations, and effects for you to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to relieve pain or reduce inflammation, there’s definitely going to be a cannabis strain out there for you.


Conventional wisdom in the marijuana realm says to “start low and move slow,” meaning try out strains with less THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, and take small amounts as you go.


Newbie users would do best to begin with CBD-dominant strains that are low in the THC, like Terraform’s Mai Tai Cookies, available at Golden State Greens. Currently one of the better-known CBD-rich strains on the market, it is specifically bred for more CBD and less THC content, meaning the effects equate to greater therapy with less of a high.


As you make your way through your search for the perfect strain, three descriptors will be foremost along the way – indica, sativa, and hybrid. This trinity of terms is a basic classification system that points you in the direction of your desired care.


Indicas are predominantly strains known to produce a strong physical body high, ideal for relaxation, pain relief, and anxiety alleviation. Specific strains – all available at GSG – include LA Kush, Phantom OG, and Cannabis Cup winner Tokyo OG. The knockout strain Terra Reserve (from breeders Terraform Genetics), boasts an impressive 29.8% THC, ideal for medical applications.


Sativas aim for a more energetic effect, ideal for patients to use during the day, with uplifting effects that can help fight depression. Bestselling brands include Obama (said to “channel the former President’s famous message of change as it invigorates and inspires”) and Trinity Reserve (a Cup Winner).


Hybrid strains, which are crosses of indicas and sativas with varying degrees of both types, combine the best of each world for targeted medicinal effects. Hybrid names include Blue Dragon, Chiquita Banana, and GG #4.


Hybrids can come in a variety of styles. Some are 50-50% sativa/indica, meaning they have about half of the effects of each sativa and indica. They can also lean slightly one way or the other, say 40% indica/60% sativa. Or they can have a dominant amount of one or the other. For instance, Foreign OG is a cross between the strains Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. It’s said to have “sativa-dominance,” meaning it contains genetics that are a majority sativa, and is considered a “hard-hitting cerebral experience.”


If you’re looking for a great resource to search cannabis strain names, Leafly.com is a good place to start. They provide descriptions and reviews of strains by patients who’ve tried them, and in some cases provide informative data for how to best cultivate specific strains yourself.


When shopping for your ideal strain, it’s best to visit dispensaries with extensive menus of high-quality flower and knowledgeable budtenders. GSG is an outlet that currently has an incredibly large catalogue of strains and well-informed caregivers that can satisfy any taste.


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