Point Loma Marijuana Dispensary And Delivery Service


Point Loma Medical Marijuana Dispensary

San Diego’s best marijuana dispensary is located in Point Loma. Many patients already enjoy the convenience of home delivery service through Golden State Greens, but for those seeking a closer look at our deep selection of cannabis flowers, extracts, edibles, and ointments, an in-person visit to our Point Loma Medical Marijuana storefront can’t be beat.

High Potency Indica, Sativa, And Hybrid Strains

Our marijuana delivery service offers a wide range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to customers throughout San Diego, and our storefront dispensary is no different. Golden State Greens carries top shelf and premium marijuana strains of proven, lab tested quality — often including Cannabis Cup winners. Browsing in person, this means a chance to examine high-quality buds of known THC and CBD potency, for density and aroma, to find just the thing to suit your taste and preferences. Our test scores and descriptions are backed up by results provided by PharmLabs.

Wax, Resin, And Crystal Extracts

Beyond flowers and a wide assortment of smoking and vaping devices, our vast selection also includes extracts such as wax, resin, and crystals, including vape pen cartridges covering a variety of popular indica, sativa and hybrid strains along the lines of Sour Deisel, Silver Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, and Pineapple Express.

Cannabis-infused Edibles

The largest selection found at Golden State Greens may be its menu of edibles and other ingestible products. You will find plenty of options for classic treats such as brownies, cookies, chocolates and gummy candies, plus more unusual edibles like gum, cannabis-infused cooking oil, butter, and even instant ramen noodles.

Tinctures, Capsules, And Marijuana-infused Teas

For medical marijuana patients who prefer other ingestible alternatives, Point Loma Medical Marijuana also offers an extensive range of tinctures, capsules, marijuana-infused teas and other beverages. Factor in topical marijuana products including topical oils and ointments, and it all adds up to Golden State Greens having San Diego’s greatest medical marijuana selection, with a range in potency to match all budgets and needs!

Free Bonus Gifts For New And Returning Patients

First time patients receive a free eighth our house strain with a donation of $50. Additional rotating daily specials may include such offers as bonus eighths, pre-rolls, edibles, or 25% off for donations over $100 for walk-ins.

Returning patients may additionally benefit from a Point Loma Medical Marijuana loyalty card. With each donation of $50 or more, you will receive a punch. After ten punches, on your next visit you will be able to redeem you punch card for $50 credit toward your purchase!

Visit Golden State Greens (formerly PLPCC) Dispensary Today

Golden State Greens is near Sports Arena Boulevard, just behind the Valley View Casino Center on Hancock Street. All new patients must have a valid California driver’s license or ID card, plus their original 8″ x 10″ signed doctor’s recommendation (with the raised seal). For delivery, new patients may call with their recommendation and ID numbers, or email photos of both, provided they provide these documents to driver upon delivery.

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