Popular Cannabis Products and Where You Can Find Them


Alice Grace

Googling ‘dispensary near me’ can yield a daunting amount of cannabis dispensaries and
unless you know what you’re looking for you might not be taking full advantage of what’s out
there on the marijuana market. The product options are wide and varied and the inexperienced
eye can blow right past the tried and true, the new and exciting or the meh with only a headache
as reward. Whether perusing the well-stocked aisles or having your cannabis delivered we’ve
done the legwork for you, and, while the possibilities as expansive as it gets we’ve singled out a
few flower strains, both indica and sativa, that are universally enjoyed with varying levels of
THC or CBD so you can investigate at your own local dispensary.
The information herein is singular to dispensaries in California. Some standout
dispensaries state-wide are Hollyweed in Los Angeles, Golden State Greens in the San Diego
area and Airfield Supply in Northern Cali. Some great products to look for as you peruse include
Kurvana custom devices. They bill them as ‘sexy, reliable and come in a variety of offerings
from CBD only to a high potency line called ASCND.' Stiizy is another popular product line of
concentrates that are, ‘revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a product that offers a
discreet experience built for portability and convenience.’ And finally, Exotic carts vape pens are
tearing up the scene throughout California with flavors like Grape Ape, King Louis or Wedding
Cake. So, if you check out your local dispensary check them out. And remember if you can’t find
them in stock these products are available for delivery state-wide.

Remember it is always uber important to ensure you are purchasing quality cannabis
products whether it is cbd oil or tinctures and vape pens, flowers or edibles. Do your research
and have fun! And let us know, what are some of your favorite products?

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