Popular Cannabis Strains


Alice Grace

What’s in a name?
The ingenuity and sense of humor of cannabis consumers, growers and cultivators comes
through in the artistry, attention to detail and outright flashy names given to cannabis strains.
From the tasty descriptive to the heady physical expectations these monikers are more than just
words. And it can be a daunting experience to visit your local cannabis dispensary or peruse
online if you’re not entirely sure what you’re in for. The aisles are full. But what’s in a name?
We’ve investigated some popular old school strains which also happen to be some of our favorite
THC and CBD strains both indica and sativa to get you well on your way to being an educated
cannabis connoisseur.

What weed strains to look for?
A popular strain to look for is the indica strain called ‘strawberry kush.’ It is a blend between
Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. It is super relaxing and ideal for evening use.

Sugar Shack Strain is an easy indica-heavy strain (about 60:40) making it ideal for nighttime use.
It’s slightly sweet terpenes blend with pine and herbs to create a mellow blend.

Maui Wowee is totally old school and popular for its island-vibes: relaxing, mellow and totally

Flo is a hybrid marijuana strain that lends itself to a piney citrus taste and was the Cannabis Cup
winner in 1996. Flo is a cross-breed of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai.

So grab your medical card if you’re medicating or your buddy if you’re just planning to hang out
and party or go solo to your local dispensary. These strains are a good start. They are tried and
true and available as flowers and in many other products from vape pens to edibles. It’s
important to visit a trusted source with good business practices and quality product so you can
ensure that you’re getting what is advertised. Always do your homework. And get

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