Prevent Coronavirus Infections


If you are looking to prevent coronavirus infections, we have put together a list of precautions for our Golden State Greens cannabis users to follow to help avoid catching the possible deadly respiratory disease.

1. Do NOT share your medication

Please try to refrain from sharing your medication as germs pass quickly from person to person. Dispensaries in California now taking great steps in trying to keep their stores and inventory clean and sanitary.  With this in mind, it’s not safe to pass to the left or the right (these days). Moreover, purchasing your own cannabis and keeping it to to yourselves will decrease the risk of coming down with something serious from the spread of germs.

2. Never Stop Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands has proven is to STOP the spread of countless ailments, even the Coronavirus! If you consume cannabis before breakfast or dinner– or at any point where you feel yourself gravitating towards the fridge or panty– WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST! By washing your hands with soap for as little as 20 seconds you can stop the spread of germs.

3. Avoid Inhaling When Sick

Inhaling anything (while already fighting off a cold), may not be the best thing for your immune system. THC & CBD are known to help fight off pain, and promote relaxation, while battling a nasty cold. However, if you must medicated, you might consider an edible.

4. Don’t Believe Crazy Internet Claims

So many CBD claims are flying around on the internet. It’s been stated that CBD helps with various ailments, but it is not a cure-all. Be aware of all of the crazy internet claims that surface about the Coronavirus. Do your research!

5. Take Sanitary Precautions

Hey folks, let’s not to go crazy with shaking hands, and all the, etc. during this time. When following these precautions you have a higher chance to prevent coronavirus infections.

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