Shopping for Cannabis


What To Look For When Shopping For Cannabis

Alice Grace

The are several different classifications for marijuana buds available for
purchase. Here is some information to help your selection process go a
little smoother:
First off there are three grades – low, medium and high and from price to
appearance to aroma there are many ways to distinguish one from another.
And keep in mind personal preference is key. Something that might be
considered higher quality might not deliver the effects or be as flavorful as
you are looking for so best to take note of certain attributes in each when
evaluating your selections.
Low grade marijuana, also known as ‘skank’, ‘dank’, ‘ditchweed’, ‘schwag’
or ‘shake’ tends to have a much lower concentration of cannabinoids than
medium or high grade which results in a more subdued, mellow
experience. It is comprised of mostly stems, sticks and compressed buds
but because of sometimes sloppy propagation practice it is not unusual for
this ‘mersh weed’ to contain dirt, insects or pesticides. Its appearance is
often dry, with leaves that are light and wispy and are more brown than
they are green. Its taste is often described by users as being earthy, harsh
or peppery. Because of its loose, stick-like composition it can be molded
together into something known as brick weed.
Medium grade marijuana is often referred to as ‘regs’ or ‘reggie’ and it
comprises most of the retail bud market. Medium grade buds are easily
identifiable by their lush green hues and colorful pistils and trichomes.
Pistils are the female sex organs of the plant and they are designed to
capture pollen by using a sticky resin. Trichomes, are the very fine hairs on
the bud, that contain glittery resin sacks that are the carriers of the aroma,
flavor and cannabinoids in the plant. Medium grade buds contain very few
seeds and have a moderate flavor profile. Effects can vary considerably.
Often referred to as ‘top shelf’, ‘chronic’ or loud, high grade cannabis has
many characteristics that help it stand out from the rest. The leaves are
dense and vibrant. The sugary trichomes have very diverse colors and
complex aromas. The pistils are especially sticky from the colorful coat of
sugary resin that cover the bud and the quality, density, aroma and

appearance of the seedless buds are a sure sign of expert growing
techniques and adequate nourishment were maintained from seed to
harvest. Another indicator of high grade marijuana is that when it is smoked
it should leave behind white ash rather than black which signifies a
significant amount of moisture in the leaves.
Overall, depending on where you are the quality of cannabis buds varies
greatly. Many things effect this not the least of which are geography and
access. There are a lot of attributes to consider when purchasing that will
vary depending on taste such as effects, price, quantity and smell.
Additionally, potency and quality are not necessarily the same thing. The
relaxed mellow effect from schwag might be just what you’re looking for or
the more intense flavorful experience of high grade is what you’re into.
There are large variances in test data and lab results as well. It’s best to do
your research and take note of characteristics you enjoy.

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