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Learn How to Store MMJ in San Diego to Prevent Fungus, Mold and Mildew


No matter what type of medical marijuana (MMJ) you use, it’s important to make sure it’s fresh. If marijuana develops fungus, mold or mildew, get rid of it! Also be leery of any marijuana that seems discolored. Ask your dispensary rep about the ideal look and smell of your MMJ.

Mold can cause you to get sick and may even induce vomiting. If in doubt, throw it out!

When marijuana is fresh, it tends to be more potent and effective. All else being equal, it will also offer a more pleasant, “smoother” experience. You don’t have to be a botanist to keep your marijuana fresh: Just follow a few crucial handling and storage tips.

How to Store Marijuana: Tips You Need to Know

To store your marijuana right, keep these things in mind:

Keep Your Marijuana at the Right Temperature

The ideal temperature for MMJ is between 70 and 85 degrees Its maximum temperature is a little higher than what most call “room temperature.” Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat or cold. Never store marijuana in the fridge.

Dry cannabis buds stored in glass jars - PLPCCAvoid Moisture Sources

If marijuana contacts even a small amount of liquid, it can easily get ruined. Make sure you’re not storing marijuana near any liquids or containers that might experience condensation. Naturally, be careful of spills in your storage area and whenever you use MMJ.

Use a Hygrometer

A hygrometer is a special device for measuring humidity – the moisture content in the air. If you notice you’ve been having trouble with mold or mildew, this can help diagnose the problem. Beware of items like humidifiers that add moisture to the air. Fifteen percent humidity is the danger zone where spores can survive in marijuana.

Use an Airtight Glass Jar

An airtight jar guards against both moisture and drying. Make sure the jar’s exterior is dark enough to block light. And remember: No plastic baggies allowed. Air gets trapped in the bag, leaving the MMJ to get dried out or contaminated.

Use the Right Amount for You

If you’re new to medical marijuana, you may not know exactly how much of it will treat your symptoms effectively. As you learn more, it’s a good idea to tailor your MMJ purchases to the right amount for you. This helps to ensure that every dose will remain fresh and potent throughout your treatment.

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