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The Best Medical Marijuana Edibles Are At Golden State Greens


Supporters of medical marijuana products are the first to acknowledge that smoking marijuana is not for everybody. That is why MMJ products are available in many different forms.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

The method you choose to consume can change the way you experience cannabis and its treatment for your symptoms. Different methods work differently for different people and the friendly staff at Golden State Greens can help you determine the consumption method and product that will provide you the most benefit.

Here is a look at some of the edible products we offer.


One common form of medical cannabis is the tincture. These bottles of concentrated oil make it easy to take your MMJ orally. Typically a drop or two of oil placed on the tongue is all it takes to get the job done.

Some people mix their concentrates into water or juice to make it more palatable. Due to the very high concentration of the cannabinoids in tinctures, users should be careful to start off slowly and work their way up as they become acclimated to the effects.


Marijuana edibles - PLPCCBy now, everybody knows about legendary pot brownies and their effects. However, far from the daring concoctions of teenagers, the brownies offered at your local medical marijuana dispensaries come with strict dosage guidelines and a lot more consistency.

This is a sweet treat to enjoy after lunch or before bed, and a single bite or two may be enough to get you the results you’re looking for. Again, it is recommended that you start with a quarter of the recommended dose and slowly add more until you are comfortable. 

Mints and Candies

Mints and candies are another common way to get your MMJ without smoking. Since candies are fairly small, the doses are easier to control. Just don’t eat too many in one sitting and remember that it could take up to an hour of time to feel the effects of your candies. 

Cooking Ingredients

If you’re more into savory edibles, there is a huge range of other MMJ products available. For instance, marinara sauce, olive oil and butter have all been infused with cannabis oil.

Make sure you follow the directions carefully to understand the way the marijuana will react as you cook, but don’t be afraid to try new recipes!

Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Operative

It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are on, there are dozens of edible products available from manufacturers all over. The GSG  menu is full of tinctures, candies and other products to get you started.

Our experienced staff is happy to consult with you about your symptoms and to recommend the products that we feel will best treat them. We also offer a free medical marijuana delivery service to members of GSG. Contact us today!