Too High? CBD Oil Can Help!


Too high? CBD oil can help! Whether it was too many THC Gummies, edibles or just a simple case of over-indulgence you might have that feeling of utter stoniness. So, if you are feeling too high and you’ve got some place to be or have some responsibilities, you’re probably wondering if there is a way to counteract that high. Well, you’re in luck, because research has shown that taking CBD oil can help one return to a feeling of normalness. CBD is the non- psychoactive component in cannabis. In contrast, THC is the psychoactive component. We have seen that introducing more CBD into the system when THC is present can counteract the effects of the THC.

Other common remedies

Cold Shower – freeze the high right out of you!
Take A Nap – shut those eyeballs… Cannabis and CBD in particular has long been prescribed as
a sleep aid. So catch some zzz’s. Unless you can’t… then try something else like:
Eat Something – munchies overload. Permission to feast to stave off that paranoia.
Exercise – get your body moving. Getting physical can take your mind off of your current stoned situation and focused onto something else to distract. Maybe some marijuana sex therapy is just what you need?
Lemonade-  Wait, what? Well, there is some research that shows that a terpene found in lemons called limonene can counteract the effects of cannabis.

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