Top 6 Reasons Women Love Cannabis


Alice Grace

More than ever before cannabis use among women is at an all time high.
So, why all the interest?
1. Access. It’s now easier than ever to obtain cannabis. If you are lucky enough to live in an area
with a booming local dispensary the options are wide and varied. Women can enjoy ease in
acquiring from a plethora of choice products. And parties and social outings, more than ever, are
ripe with women of all socio-economic classes enjoying the social and communal benefits of
2. Products. There are more items on the market than ever before. From the inventive and
humorously creative dab kits to a wide range of edibles to new and improved bongs, pipes and
female-centric strains women are trying new and varied ways to experiment with cannabis.
Traditional joints and hardware can fit the bill or for the more adventuresome there are vapes and
flavor enhancements as well as a myriad of products for use in cooking perfect to utilize for
3. Social Acceptance. As the stigma surrounding use of cannabis has moved into a more
mainstream faction more and more women are engaging in a more refined cannabis experience.
From soccer moms to socialites to entrepreneurs and the like women are using cannabis more
and making no apologies for it.
4. Stress Reliever. Cannabis has been proven to help relieve stress and symptoms of stress as
well as act as a mood stabilizer. This undoubtedly can have a positive effect on women suffering
from stress in ways that are perhaps better tailored to their lifestyles and their inclination to treat
themselves in a more natural manner. Treatments such as Prozac or Zoloft offer relief as well but
with many other side effects. More studies need to be conducted to obtain an accurate measure of
cannabis alongside other treatment options but when used wisely to enhance relaxation cannabis
can be an immense comfort.
5. Sleep. Cannabis products enable more restful sleep for users. Women are reported to need
more sleep than men yet they are more likely to have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.
Strains of Indica are better at facilitating relaxation for users so they tend to be the strains of
choice. Cannabis use at bedtime has also been shown to slow down REM – rapid eye movement –
sleep which is also the period when people have and remember dreams the absence of which
could impact a more restful sleep.
6. PMS Relief. Some of the dreaded symptoms of PMS include painful cramps, headaches and
moodiness. Coping with these ailments can be isolating and unforgiving. Cannabis use can
deliver pain-relieving support for cramping, breast soreness and all-over body aches including
migraines and mood swings by discovering the right THC/CBD balance for day or night time use
women are given options to feel relief.

Traditional cannabis users were more often men than women but the tide is turning and these are
just some of the many reasons why.

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