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The vaping controversy, Facts you should know!


The vaping controversy has been a hot topic in the news lately. You might have heard about the dangerous attributes in e-cigarettes bought from black market sellers and sold to unsuspecting customers. To better understand, vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by a battery-powered vaping device. Further, in August the CDC, Center for Disease Control, activated its Health Alert Network , used to relay information on “urgent public health incidents,” warning e-cigarette consumers to avoid purchasing black market cannabis or nicotine products sold on the street and to stop modifying the products at home. This was only the fifth time this year CDC utilized the Network to issue the warning.

Moreover, California is home to the largest legal cannabis market in the world. However, the black market remains even bigger. Which is why we continue to have a Vaping controversy. Cost, along with legal issues the reasons why sellers turn to the black market. This practice has sickened hundreds of people. One practice is to thicken THC oil with vitamin E oil. In addition, this causes irreparable damage and most experience symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and chest pain in many cases requiring hospitalization.

Cannabis you can trust!

Furthermore, it is always important, to purchase items from respected, trusted, licensed dispensaries. A recent article in High Times magazine listed reputable shops in the San Diego area, one of which is Golden State Greens. They follow good business practices and offer high quality product. Their store is a high end showroom with a multitude of products from reliable vape pens to flowers and edibles and beyond. But, if you aren’t available to head in Golden State Greens has been voted SD’s best pick up service. You call it in, and within 30-45 minutes your order is ready. There are so many dangerous entities out there willing to take your money and supply you with harmful and potentially lethal products. You must practice due diligence, do your research and only ever purchase your cannabis and cannabis-related items from trusted sources.

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Stay safe out there!

vape safely

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