Weed and Yoga


Weed and yoga is an easy way to help those who suffer from chronic pain. Do you have anxiety, depression, or a flabby tummy?  In California, yoga classes that incorporate cannabis has became a new trend.

What is it?

Weed Yoga is an experience that allows one to focus on their yoga routine. Several studios advertise the classes as a relaxed and all over meditative experience. Some people use candles, music, or scents to enhance their yoga experience. Moreover, some now use cannabis and come together and smoke, vape or eat edibles at the start or end of class.

Weed yoga opens the individual up to a new and exciting mind-body experience. Participants rave about the classes saying the practice provides an awareness they’d never experienced before. In addition, others state on how their overall exercise experience was enhanced. Furthermore, many said incorporating cannabis into their exercise routine relaxed them and even helped to improve their sleeping habits.

What goes down?

Practicing yoga is already an inward experience – one of breathing, stretching and
meditatively engrossing oneself in the form and control of the body. Incorporating cannabis into the session can provide a uniquely personal transformative experience. Studios follow different protocols, but most often sharing a joint with other classmates as a way to connect and commune. Some studios participate in a tea ceremony prior to ingesting cannabis and some incorporate the sharing of cannabis post-exercise.

Where is it?

At LA’s Lit Yoga, a tea ritual precedes twenty minutes of a passed joint session before the yoga practice itself begins. Some studios even offer private consultations  to introduce the practice to those in need of guidance and specific training. In other words, this can be helpful to those who are less experienced and want to enter into the form of weed yoga with more caution.

Overall, some say the practice has created a heightened awareness of breath, more relaxed poses and an ability to fall deeper into stretches. The practice of weed yoga  is gaining popularity and helping many experience meditative exercise. It is important to note that studios require ID for clients to ensure all are over twenty-one.

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