What are Terpenes? Why are they important?


What Are Terpenes?

What are Terpenes? Learn why are they important? Terpenes are organic compounds present in the essential oils in plants (and some insects) that give them their unique scent and flavor profile. They are in everything from coffee to citrus trees to herbs. They are quite noticeably present in cannabis as well.  Some you may have heard of are the cannabinoids THC and CBD among others, and terpenes are present in the fragrant essential oils of these plants. But terpenes play another very important role in the beneficial experience of cannabis and that is that when they are combined in various concoctions and strains they produce altering effects on the brain.

How terpenes work:

Have you ever had an aromatherapy massage? Have you ever tasted that first sip of hot coffee in the morning and revealed in that luxurious sensory experience. Well, those are chemical reactions in the brain that are ignited by terpenes. In this way terpenes act in much the same way as cannabinoids like THC and CBD – meaning they activate the brain. They contain no psychoactive components so they don’t produce a psychoactive effect on the brain. But, when these terpenes interact with cannabinoids and the other components found in cannabis they can add to or stimulate a multitude of distinct experiences.

Terpenes 101

In addition to all those wonderful strains of cannabis derive their fragrant notes from terpenes.  You have probably noticed their names often reflect that. Some common terpenes often extracted
and utilized are limonene, myrcene, linalool, alpha bisabolol, eucalyptol and camphene. Terpenes in cannabis can produce a varied array of scents like pine, berry, woody, floral, mint and citrus. Strains such as Banana Cookies, Cherry Diesel or Tangie denote a fruity or citrus fruit flavor from their terpenes. As mentioned above, when terpenes interact with cannabinoids in a plant it can produce a multitude of effects. Furthermore, by extracting and blending THC or CBD with specific terpenes developers can tailor desired outcomes in their products. Lastly, there is much to learn and explore by experimenting with new and varied combinations of terpenes. And arguably, cannabis never smelled so sweet or tasted so good!

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