What are the differences between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid?


by Alice Grace

For those of you now legally strolling the aisles of your neighborhood
marijuana dispensary you are probably amazed at the quantity, qualities
and offerings lining the shelves like a moroccan market displays spices.
The words Sativa, Indica and hybrid are thrown around with this edible and
that inhalable and you might be scratching your head wondering what it all
means. We got you. Marijuana is grown around the world and the Sativa
and Indica strains are the two most cultivated marijuana plants found,
hybrids are simply a blend of the two. The plants are distinguishable from
each other by color and size as well as for the very different results they
The crowd-pleaser Cannabis Sativa is often referred to as a ‘cerebral
high’ because it generally renders a more stimulated, uplifted effect. This
quality makes Sativa sessions ideal for inspiring creativity, promoting
conversation and boosting concentration. For this reason many believe
Sativa is ideal for day-time use but the Sativa strain is valuable for many
reasons. Sativa is prescribed medicinally for a multitude of ailments such
as depression, ADD, pain relief and fatigue. Additionally, Sativa is less

fragrant, typically weighs less and often contains more CBD than Indica. It
is most often privately cultivated outdoors in a temperate climate close to
the equator because it can grow very tall, sometimes reaching twenty feet
in height and its flowering time can take anywhere from two and half to four
In direct contrast to the farming of Sativa, Cannabis Indica is a much
shorter, hardier, shrub-like plant with fat, dense clusters. It is naturally
cultivated in slightly harsher climates causing it to produce a thicker coat of
resin as protection. Its speedy flowering – just eight weeks – and its short
stout stature makes it ideal for cultivating indoors. And the benefits of
Indica are many – its effects are more sedate, relaxed, and full-body in
nature. Also, It is generally higher in THC than its counterpart and thus
provides a relaxed, mellow state and because of this is considered ideal for
evening use. Indica also provides many medicinal benefits for users. It is
prescribed for everything from insomnia to a multitude of other ailments
such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease.
And finally, there are the Hybrid strains that are the result of cross
breeding between the two plants. This manipulation results in variances in
the characteristics of the parent plant. Crossbreeding the plants provide a

multitude of alternative and very distinct attributes, because of this it is a
useful way to cater to particular consumer tastes.
Because of the wide ranging attributes of Sativa, Indica and Hybrids it
is far easier to provide consumers with a very diverse array of choices,
playing to taste, medicinal need or even geographical location and ease of
cultivation. There is something for everyone! Happy shopping!

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