What is a Marijuana Dispensary?


Alice Grace

A recreational marijuana dispensary allows anyone over the age of 21 to purchase
cannabis products legally. Depending on location these can serve clients for either medicinal
marijuana purchases or recreational use or both. A referral from a medical professional is
required to visit a cannabis dispensary that services medicinal marijuana customers. Recreational
dispensaries are heavily taxed whereas Medical cannabis dispensaries are either not taxed at all
or have much lower taxes. It’s worth mentioning that having a medical id card will likely save a
lot of money for customers.
What is available at Cannabis Dispensaries?
The offerings at marijuana dispensaries vary but the procedure is generally uniform.
When you visit a weed store you will need to provide identification. There will be security and a
receptionist at the front desk where you provide your credentials. Security is necessary as
dispensaries operate on a cash-only basis. If it is solely a medical marijuana dispensary you will
need the physician’s documentation and id and then you are granted access to the store.
Does location affect availability?
Depending on the state you are visiting the products available will vary. This will also
vary based on if the dispensary services only recreational users or both medicinal and
recreational clients. For example, in the San Diego area marijuana dispensaries such as Golden
State Greens have everything on hand from flowers to edibles to select oils and the like.
Services offered at local weed stores

Cannabis dispensaries are as easy to find as ordering take out. Google search will yield
users with locations and there are other sites devoted solely to locating dispensaries for the
general public. One of which is called weed maps. If in a rush, clients can order ahead and pick
up or have items delivered. But, taking the time to wander and explore your local dispensary is
definitely worth the time investment. It’s important always to do your research and ensure that
you are getting quality product from reputable sources.

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