What is a Marijuana Dispensary?


A recreational marijuana dispensary allows anyone over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis products legally. Dispensaries serve customers for either medicinal marijuana or recreational purchases. A referral from a doctor is required to visit a cannabis dispensary that services only medical users. Medical patients have a higher limit on the amount of THC they can purchase. You can buy a medical marijuana card online. Lastly, marijuana dispensaries like Golden State Greens has cannabis for women, veterans, students and disabled patrons.

What to expect at a Dispensary?

When you visit a San Diego dispensary you will need to provide valid identification. There will be security guard when you first enter. A receptionist will be at the front desk where you will need to provide your credentials. Furthermore, if it is only a medical use dispensary,  you will need a doctor’s recommendation and photo ID.


Does location affect availability?

Depending on the state you are visiting the products available for sale will vary.For example, in San Diego area dispensaries such as Golden State Greens have everything on hand from weed to the best edibles to CBD oil.

Services offered at local weed stores

In a rush? Customers can order ahead and pickup or have items delivered. Although, taking the time to visit a dispensary is worth it. Buy your cannabis online and have it delivered to you from Golden State Greens.  At our weed store we have weed deals each week.

Moreover, it’s important to do your research that you are buying from a licenced dispensary. Golden State Greens has the finest cannabis products for sale. All of our products are safe and always tested.

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By: Alice Grace

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