Medical Marijuana

Where To Find Potent Medical Marijuana In San Diego


Finding Potent Medical Marijuana

These days, finding potent marijuana means something different than it used to. Back in the 1970s, that average amount of THC — the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana — was 4 percent. Today, average marijuana tests at 20 percent, with potent strains testing over 30 percent! While such higher levels of cannabinoids indicate a greater psychoactive response, they also mean increased benefits in the use of medical marijuana.

Lab-Tested Medical Marijuana Strains

In San Diego, the place to find potent medical marijuana is Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-op. We offer a variety of lab-tested medical marijuana strains proven by PharmLabs to feature high THC levels, with several exceeding 30 percent. Some strains test high in other cannabinoids that contribute greatly to medical marijuana’s effectiveness in treating dozens of ailments: CBD and CBN. And that’s just marijuana flowers — many of the extracts we carry test even higher.

Indica Strains

Indica lovers in San Diego will always find potent medical marijuana flowers at PLPCC, often including the legendary Northern Lights, lab tested at up to 33.7 percent THC. Other favorite, high potency indicas include OGKB at 32.9 percent, and Cannabis Cup winner Kush Co., tested at 31 percent THC.

Sativa Strains

Pure sativa strains are not to be left out of the over-30 club either, with Super Silver Haze hitting 33.6 percent, and Blue Dream a mere point lower at a still very potent 32.6 percent.

Hybrid Strains

Medical marijuana hybrids hitting similar peaks include the 31.7 percent Headband, the 31.6 percent Alien Tahoe, and another Cannabis Cup winner, King Kong Glue, which PharmLabs tested at 29.5 percent THC.

Of course, PLPCC carries plenty of high quality medical marijuana strains that hit a relatively normal potency range as well, and others bred to see other cannabinoid levels spike. Take, for example, Harlequin Reserve. While this strain tested only 6.1 percent THC, it also hits an incredible 10.5 percent cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD, or Cannabidiol

Although CBD doesn’t share the psychoactive benefits of THC, studies show it has exceptional potential for medical marijuana applications including pain management, as an anti-inflammatory, and to prevent seizures. It typically tests between .5 percent and lower, and many strains effectively have zero CBD. Meanwhile, another medical marijuana strain offered by PLPCC is HarliTsu, which tests an amazing 13.9 percent CBD.

Potent Concentrates

When it comes to seeking out potent medical marijuana in San Diego, another important option to consider is concentrates. Golden State Greens always keeps a full range of hashes, oils and other extracts in its inventory, which offer even greater opportunity for potency.

Our Super Lemon Haze full melt hash falls just shy of breaking 40 percent THC, at 39.9 percent, with Blue Cheese full melt hash testing an equally impressive 38 percent. Just as intriguing, these concentrates also test abnormally high for cannabinol (CBN), which has recently shown to improve medical marijuana benefits due to antibacterial properties, efficacy as a sedative, and promoting the growth of bone cells.

These are but a few examples of the potent medical marijuana options you can find in San Diego.

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