Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: I would like to be a vendor, what steps do I take?A: Please send an email containing your product, pricing, license, and any other information you would like to include to [email protected]. If we are interested in your product, we will contact you.Q: Can I use an I.D. from another state for recreational use or do I need a California I.D./License?A: You may use any Government issued I.D./License as long as it’s valid and you are at least 21 years of age.Q: Are you cash only?A: We are cash only, however, we have 2 ATM’s located on site for your convenience.Q: Do you have a physical storefront?A: Yes. New and returning patients can visit our storefront at 3452 Hancock St in Point Loma, California.Q: Do you have parking?A: Yes, there is street parking on Hancock Street and we have a parking lot accessible through Pickett St alley.Q: Do you have a delivery service?A: We do have a delivery! There is a minimum of $60. There is no delivery fee within 20 miles of our location (3452 Hancock St). 20+ miles are subject to a delivery fee.Q: Do you offer discounts?A: Golden State Greens proudly offers a 10% discount on all regularly priced items to our veterans, seniors (65+), disabled, and students. All first time customers receive 15% off their first order with a $75 minimum purchase. We also offer weekly specials and discounts for referrals and reviews.Q: Can I bring my animal/Service Animal in with me?A: We are a LEED certified private business who have our patients best interest at heart. Due to the concern of health for others, our building can not allow pets of any kind with no exceptions. Pet hair and dandruff can cause health concerns for other patients who experience chronic respiratory issues, immune deficiencies and burn victims who must be taken into consideration. Understanding this, we do supply a dog house with a water bowl and leash for our furry friends. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we must take into consideration of all our patient’s health needs. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.Q: What is your return policy?A: We do not accept returns, however we are happy to replace any defective items within 30 days. Product must be at least ¾ full, in original packaging, along with receipt of purchase. Failure to supply the receipt and original packaging will result in NO return. Customer caused defects will not be accepted.Q: Do you carry vegan or gluten free edibles?A: Yes we do! We pride ourselves on carrying something for everyone. For a complete list of edibles, please check out our full menu.Q: Do you carry CBD products?A: We have a large variety of CBD products including everything from CBD flower, vapes, edibles and topicals.Q: Does GSG have a referral program?A: Yes we do. For every person you refer, you will receive $5 credit towards your next purchase.Q: Can I call in my order to beat the line?A: Yes, we offer a pick up option. Simply order through the phone or online and your order will be ready in an hour!Q: Do you guys do anything for birthdays?A: Yes, we offer $5 off your purchase for your birthday!Q: Why do you need my I.D. and information? Where’s it going?A: In order to process your registration, we need personal information including government issued I.D. in compliance with state law. We take protecting your personal information seriously.. Your information will never be shared with third parties and is solely for internal use. We understand your concern (Truly, we do!). Rest assured that all your personal information including medical recommendations will be kept completely confidential. Nothing is submitted to government agencies.Q: What is the tax breakdown for customers?A: Every consumer is subject to an excise tax that is already built into the pricing. Users will be subject to the 7.75% tax as well as an additional city tax of 5%.Q: Can I use my out of state medical recommendation?A: At this time, we do not accept out of state recommendations. California does not recognize medical recommendations from out of state doctors. Your doctor must be recognized through the medical board of California.Q: Can I bring a friend to the storefront with me?A: Yes, pending that they are 21 and over. If they would like to accompany you into the shopping area, they must sign up with an account. No purchase required.Q: What are your delivery hours?A: We deliver 7 days a week. You can place an order anytime between 7 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. If you are a first time patient/customer, the verification process will take a bit of extra time. For all first time deliveries, we will need one form of government I.D. (State issued I.D. , Drivers license, passport, etc.) and one form of photo I.D.Q: How do I get verified for deliveries?A: Email: You can take a photo of your recommendation and government issued ID and send them to our delivery e-mail [email protected]. Once verified, we will get you signed up in which you will be able to order!
Phone: Call us at (619) 574-0415 to speak to an associate. Have your original recommendation and/or I.D. handy and one of our associates will walk you through the signup process and get you verified over the phone.
Q: Can I tip the driver?A: Tips are more than welcome for our friendly, fast and fantastic drivers! A tip of any denomination is appreciated. Delivery fees that are added on for destinations outside our 20 mile range are not directed towards the driver.