Papas Select 1g Premium Live Rosin Badder Chem Crasher
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With an expansive terpene profile, this strain has a citrus nose with touches chemical and earth. Chem Crasher has a strong cerebral high that will leave users with sharpened senses and socially engaged. An enjoyable strain for those who love to have meaningful conversations with friends accompanied by robustly flavored cannabis. Papa’s Select differentiates its Premium Rosin product using only the prime trichomes at the peak of ripeness. All products labeled Premium contain cannabis trichomes exclusively from the 90u and 120u micron range, however not every batch from these sizes earns the Premium mark. The ice water hash used for Premium Rosins will always be Full-Melt, 6-Star quality. There are five or six common sizes of mesh filter bags, beginning with the 50 micron and decreasing in size until the 150-micron range. While each cultivar differs, the premier range of trichomes is netted in the 90u-120u micron screens. All aspects are taken into consideration and only the finest batches from the freshest trichomes make the cut as Premium products. *Micron is a unit of measurement referring to holes per square inch. Therefore, 50-micron mesh has 50 holes per square inch, while the 120u, has 120 holes per square inch. Lower numbers, bigger holes and bigger trichome heads.
CBD: 0.16
THC: 71.28
MG: 0
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