Lowell Quicks .35g (10pk) Pre-rolls Relaxing
Flower Infused Pre Roll
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Lowell Farms' Relaxing Indica prerolls can provide a tranquil state of mind coupled with calming sense of euphoria. Lowell Farms brings you curated blends of premium quality bud--no trim, no shake--in a convenient pack of prerolled joints. The beautiful, slimline packaging not only protects product freshness, it also makes it a perfect fit for your pocket or handbag. They’ve also included matches and striker, so you’re ready to blaze these perfectly burning beauties anytime, anywhere. *Varietal Indica blend. Strain composition varies.* Lowell's curated effect-based blends, now available in .35G smokes. Perfect for a short escape or a relaxing moment. Quicks come with 10 smokes per pack.
CBD: 0
THC: 0
MG: 0
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